Who is King David's rock?

King David's Rock is a 501 C 3 Non Profit Christian organization based in Olathe, Kansas. Our board consists of men and women from both Roman Catholic and Evangelical Christian backgrounds.


The mission of King David's Rock is end the pornography epidemic on earth.

We accomplish this mission in 3 ways:

1. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through cutting edge masculine experiences

2. Temple Guard prevention and recovery tools

3. Building a war chest to fund campaigns against key enemy positions


What teachings do we promote?

We follow the moral teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church (summarized here) More specifically, we promote the values, ideals and principles defined in the most important document every written on human sexuality The Theology of the Body by St. John Paul II (explained here).

Do we work with non-Catholic organizations?

Absolutely! Pornography is a universal epidemic and the only cure is Jesus Christ. Since the entirety of the what Catholic's believe is summarized in a single document called the Nicene Creed, we decided to include it here (Nicene creed). Christians have been reciting this belief in unison in church services all over the world for over 1800 years. If your church believes what that document proclaims, then we belong to the same church in Heaven.